About Eva Kaniasty

Eva Kaniasty is the founder and Principal Consultant at Slipper Studios (formerly RPUX). Although on most projects she serves as a UX team of one, she strives to work with her clients’ teams to integrate her work into current business strategies and processes. In addition, she maintains a wide network of other consultants,  digital agencies, participant recruiters, as well as research facilities to ensure that client needs are met effectively.

Eva’s expertise focuses on UX Design and Research. She believes that the best decisions are based on a combination of qualitative research, analytics and business knowledge. She is a strategic thinker who likes to focus her work where it can have the largest impact on usability and quality of design. Her diverse background, which in the past included web design and development, serves her well  to build an understanding between disciplines and stakeholders. She understands that user experience cannot stand by itself, but must be part of a unified strategy that addresses business, marketing, and engineering concerns to design the best products.

Education & Credentials

Eva’s educational background includes a Master’s in Human Factors from Bentley University, Certificate in Client-Server Programming from Clark University, and a BA in Psychology from Boston University.  She serves as President of the Boston User Experience Professionals Association, is a UX teacher and speaker at national and local conferences.