Past Projects

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Web Application

Objectives: Input into product strategy/development roadmap.
Methods: Survey and usability testing
Domain: Higher ed
Target Audiences: Students and teachers

Mobile and Web Applications

Project objectives: Design of new mobile apps and dashboard
Methods: Design workshops, wireframes, usability testing.
Domain: Healthcare
Target Audiences: Healthcare professionals and patients

Web Application

Project objectives: >Design of new social feature in advance of complete redesign.
Methods and Deliverables: Design workshops, wireframes, usability testing.
Domain: Online Language Learning
Target Audiences: Older language learners

B2B Corporate Website

Project objectives: Web redesign, persona validation
Methods and Deliverables: Surveys, UX strategy, usability testing.
Domain: Industrial
Target Audiences: 4 professional roles

Embedded Forms

Project objectives: Usability improvement
Methods: Design workshops, prototyping, usability testing
Domain: Government
Target Audiences: General

eCommerce Website

Project objectives: Evaluation of localized website
Methods: Multi-city usability testing
Domain: Clothing & Accessories, Retail
Target Audiences: US consumers

Informational Website

Project objectives: Iterative Evaluation
Methods:Iterative usability testing of prototype and dev version.
Target Audience: General

Web Application

Project objectives: MVP Ideation & Design
Methods and Deliverables: Design Workshops, Wireframes
Domain: Industrial/Startup
Target Audiences: System administrators, service representatives

Agency/Sub-Contract Work

In addition to direct engagements, Red Pill UX has collaborated with a variety of agencies for UX design and research, including MadPow, Forge Worldwide, Ayantek, CX Partners UK, and the Bentley UX Design Center.

Looking for an online portfolio?

Some sample deliverables are available on this site, but please keep in mind that most consulting work falls under NDAs, so this is very limited. As the consulting practice has matured, the focus has shifted from deliverable production to process and strategy. Although we have a preferred toolkit, we err toward the best tool for the job, which is usually what the client is already using.

For a lighter look at what we've learned from UX projects over the years, check out some Lessons Learned.