UX Research & Strategy

"The only thing more expensive than writing software is writing bad software. – Allan Cooper
User Experience Strategy

A series of strategy sprints can help define and align business and user requirements. Issues tackled at the UX strategy stage may include:

  • Defining business and user goals
  • Understanding target audience(s)
  • Setting goals and success metrics
  • Defining an iterative research & design process
  • Stakeholder education
  • Planning for organizational change
Techniques & Methods
Business Discovery

Stakeholder interviews & workshops | Competitive research | Requirements gathering and prioritization


Process Planning | Project Ecology | Benchmarking

User Research

Interviews | Focus groups | Surveys

User Analysis

Persona Narratives | Customer Journeys | Experience Maps | Stories | Scenarios | Storyboards |

Business Ethnography

Contextual Interviews | Field Studies | Mobile Research | Longitudinal Studies

User Research Resources

Strategic Research Testimonials