• Category: Presentations
  • Date: May 1, 2011
  • Conference: Usability and User Experience 2011 Boston MA

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Abstract & Slides

The study of behavior change, or captology, has a huge number of applications in web and mobile experience design. The quantum leap in the availability and capacity of mobile devices means that users are now reachable by technology during most of their waking hours. The optimists among us argue that the power of technology to impact behavior can be used to improve the human condition by making us happier, breaking bad habits, and helping solve societal problems.

In this presentation, I will introduce design for behavior change, starting with BJ Fogg’s behavior change framework. We’ll use examples from iPhone application design to illustrate approaches to behavior change, including game-like interfaces, triggers, computers as social actors, and other key issues in UX design for mobile devices.

The presentation will include an interactive portion which will give attendees a chance to contribute to the conceptual design of an application which seeks to change health-related behaviors.