• Category: Presentations
  • Date: June 8, 2010
  • Conference: Boston User Experience Conference, June 2010
  • Professional Meeting: New Hampshire UPA Meeting, October 2010

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Doing your job isn’t easy when most of the world does not even know your profession exists, much less sees its value. Some suggest that the best way to build UX influence is by giving talks about “the value of user experience.” Others advocate ROI analysis. Others still claim that without executive level support, you are dead in the water, and should just look for a new job. Forget all that. What you really need is the will to fight, a plan, and some well-proven strategic advice from an ancient general. In this presentation, I’ll use Sun Tzu’s advice to take a good hard look at UX, its friends and its enemies, and help you plan for fighting a winning war for UX influence within your company.